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Our Fragrances

Our signature fragrances are the result of many hours of experimentation.  All are designed to bring feelings, inspiration, and motivation to your home, work, and play spaces.

To help you choose the scents that are right for you, we've created "scent collages" that show the elements of each fragrance, and the feelings that they create when used.

Montana Sunrise.JPG

Montana Sunrise


Picture a quiet, peaceful morning in early summer.  You awaken in your comfortable campsite to scents of pine forest and sage.  The rising sun lights up the mountains with shades of pink, yellow, and orange. 


This blend is both refreshing and invigorating. it will lift your mood and inspire you to embrace whatever the day has in store.  It's our favorite early morning "let's attack the day!" candle.

Top Notes:  Blood Orange, Grapefruit, Rosemary

Middle Notes:  Green Leaves, Sage

Bottom Notes:  Cedar, Vanilla

Mountain Meadow


This candle pulls elements from a trip that we took to Yellowstone Park when we were dating.  Being avid fly fishermen, we hiked up a well-known creek to a large, open meadow.  It was nearing midsummer, and when the sun warmed the stands of nearby pines, the breeze carried their fresh, clean scent.  We spread out an old wool blanket for our picnic, and our water bottles full of ice-cold lemonade accented the smells of earth, moss, and green pasture grass.  


The excellent dry fly fishing for native cutthroats that attacked our self tied, bushy grasshopper dry flies made the day complete.  Our encounter with a large grizzly and a small, curious coyote cemented this hike in our memory.    


Whether you smell this candle and it pulls you back to past adventures, inspires you to undertake new ones, or simply brings you a fresh, adventurous, and lighthearted experience, we think you will love it.

Top Notes:  Grapefruit, Orange, Sage, Tangerine, Cinnamon

Middle Notes:  Strawberry, Sugar, Moss

Bottom Notes:  Black Currant, Spruce, Pine, Cedar, Vanilla, Oakmoss, Amber

Mountain Meadow.JPG
Herb Garden.JPG

Herb Garden


In our neck of the woods, Mother's Day signals the time of year that it just might be safe enough to plant outside.  We embrace the day by planting our vintage metal horse trough container gardens full of tiny green herbs that will become pasta sauce, summer mojitos, salsa, and more.  

This candle will fill your space with a sense of growth, energy, and possibility.

Top Notes:  Pine, Ozone, Bright Citrus

Middle Notes:  Rosemary, Green Leaves, New Growth

Bottom Notes:  Sage, Cedar, Wood



After months of sub-zero temperatures, and days spent writing, tying flies, hauling firewood, and dreaming of July afternoons, the first "real" day of spring has everyone outside.  


We love driving familiar and new roads to discover what the season has brought to our corner of the world.  Windows down, muddy tires, sunlight splashing across the windshield...back roads bring the feeling of freedom, excitement, discovery, and a sense of adventure.  


This fragrance marries the scents of ponderosa and lodgepole pine with the newly sprouted greenery that will soon cover our Montana hillsides.  We love it in all of our active spaces, as the bright, fresh and clean notes work for busy families and professionals alike.

Top Notes:  Ponderosa Pine, Lemon Peel

Middle Notes:  Lodgepole Pine, Cedar, Rosemary, Green Floral

Bottom Notes:  Fir, Moss, Sage

Back Roads.JPG
Porch Swing.JPG

Porch Swing

On a farmhouse porch swing, generations gather to celebrate life and love.  Our porch swing is dedicated to Papa, our dearly beloved and lost grandfather.  He shared stories of his life while sipping coffee in his old flannel shirt. 


As the years grew long, he liked to listen to the sound of the nearby Quaking Aspen trees as the breeze trickled by, smell the campfire smoke, and listen to his grandchildren's stories of the day.  

This scent is both refreshing and nostalgic.  It creates a freshness and depth that is perfect for families and friends to gather together to celebrate life and love.

Top Notes:  Quaking Aspen Leaves, Cedar, Mint

Middle Notes:  Pine, Moss

Bottom Notes:  Smoke, Vanilla


Farmhouse Kitchen


A farmhouse kitchen is where memories and masterpieces are made.  It always seems to be the place where friends and families gather to fill the room with the warmth of good stories and laughter.  

In this scent, you will discover sunlight streaming through wide windows, a morning breeze that carries with it the pure scents of moss, new buds on aspen trees, and fresh green pasture grass, and the smell of kitchen masterpieces freshly pulled from the oven.


Light this candle to bring a homey, comfortable ambiance to any room.  The fragrance starts with bright notes and is underlaid with full, hearty elements that are sure to put you at ease.

Top Notes:  Cinnamon, Clove, Grapefruit, Orange, Tangerine, Sage

Middle Notes:  Sugar, Strawberries & Cream, Orange, Green Leaves

Bottom Notes:  Vanilla, Cedar, Black Currant, Oakmoss

Farmhouse Kitchen.JPG
Peach Sun Tea.JPG

Peach Sun Tea


no summer porch in montana is complete without a large glass jar of sun tea slowly brewing.  Once the afternoon heat drives us to search for shade and a cool, icy drink, peach sun tea is easily our family favorite.  Thanks to our wonderful friend rhoda who introduced us to her amazing sun tea!

This candle brings the amazing smell of fresh peaches and a hint of tea to deliver a refreshing and exhilarating fragrance.

Whether you have this candle lit during a summer morning, in a guest bath during gatherings, or on a cold, rainy or snowy morning that has you wishing for summer - we know that you will love it!

Top Notes:  fresh peach, Mandarin

Middle Notes:  peach, plum

Bottom Notes:  vanilla, sugar, white tea

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