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Creating cozy


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hand pouring candles with fragrances that bring coziness, warmth, and comfort 
in a time when "busy-ness" is embraced and encouraged, we give you opportunities to slow down, relax, reenergize, and enjoy what life brings you.
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We find classic containers and give them new lives as amazing candles
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Quality Ingredients

All-natural, American grown soy wax.  Natural fragrances that include essential oils.  Top-quality wicks ideally sized to each container.
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A Unique Company

Montana Farmhouse Candles is the brainchild of two scientists who met, discovered their mutual love for the outdoors, hosting gatherings and creating moments that will be treasured for decades. 


Now, together with their three children, they seek to bring the wonder of the great outdoors, wide-open spaces, and life's adventures to your spaces.



We seek to diminish the "consume and discard" mentality by repurposing classic vessels and giving them new life.
We take this idea a step farther by offering to wick and fill your own keepsakes.  That old china tea set from your beloved Nana?  Imagine giving cups filled with rich scents to family members at the next holiday gathering.  Nana would be proud!
And yes, we do pour all of our candles in our own 1913 Montana Farmhouse. 
We find inspiration for our candle fragrances all around us, and are extremely blessed to send our creations all over the world to delight and inspire our customers (most recently, our candles illuminated a rooftop paella party in Spain, a creekside salmon cabin in Washington, and an oyster dinner in Alabama!)
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Whether you seek a sense of calm, energy, peace, freshness, or just an escape from the "every day" - you will find it here.  See our fragrance page for our "scent collages".
they give a visual representation of how each fragrance smells and feels.
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